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Thursday, 11 October 2018

The Best 2018 Mountain Bike Saddles

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for another trail blazing bicycle saddle? Your seat is one of three spots that your body reaches your bicycle, and ostensibly the most vital. There are many alternatives to browse, and finding the correct one can be troublesome. To locate the best off-road bicycle saddle, we looked into the best models available before picking a choice of nine to test and analyze one next to the other. Throughout a while, we accelerated many miles while utilizing every single one of these seats. We spent endless hours on the bicycle learning about the inconspicuous contrasts between each model, investigating their qualities and shortcomings to discover which is the best, as well as how they contrast with one another. We trust our nitty gritty near investigation encourages you locate the best trail blazing bicycle saddle for your requirements and spending plan; read on to locate the correct one for you.
Dropper seat posts provide several inches of on the fly adjustment to move your saddle up or down for the task at hand.

This spring we picked a choice of nine of the best trail blazing bicycle saddles available to test and analyze one next to the other. Not at all like past OutdoorGearLab bicycle saddle tests which included models for all cycling orders, this test was more centered around seats composed in light of mountain biking. Out of our test determination of nine seats, we wound up with four new honor victors, including the Specialized Phenom Comp which was our best by and large seat and champ of our Editors' Choice Award. We additionally gave out two Top Pick Awards, the Tioga Spyder Outland for its light weight, and the WTB Koda Team for solace. Our Best Buy Award Winner, the WTB Volt Race likewise inspired our analyzers and was the fourth most elevated scoring saddle in the test - at an exceptionally sensible cost.

Best Overall Mountain Bike Saddle

Particular Phenom Comp

Particular Phenom Comp Editors' Choice Award

$100 List

Rundown Price

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Weight: 243g | Rails: Cr-Mo


Moderately lightweight


Sensibly evaluated


The Specialized Phenom Comp wowed our analyzers with its incredible mix of solace and execution. This is one of those exceptional off-road bicycle saddles that you put on your bicycle and totally disregard; we consider it to be a definitive interface among you and your machine. This present seat's solace is featured by its medium width, steady medium thickness cushioning, and full-length anatomical pattern. From short rides to throughout the day pedal fests, this seat conveyed fabulous solace while keeping up accelerating productivity. On the trail, this seat performed perfectly, with a very much planned shape that took into consideration astounding opportunity of development and obstacle free riding. Analyzers likewise lauded its flexibility, as this seat is appropriate to all orders of mountain biking and would be similarly at home hammering out the miles on a street or rock bicycle.

Our solitary grumble with the Phenom Comp, and it's a little one, is the weight. At 243g in the 143mm width we tried, its a long way from the lightest in the group. So, it's not abnormally substantial either, and Specialized makes lighter weight forms for individuals willing to spend somewhat more cash. At the cost, this seat is an extraordinary esteem, particularly considering the solace and execution it conveys.

Read audit: Specialized Phenom Comp

Best Bang for the Buck

WTB Volt Race

Best Buy Award


(10% off)

at Competitive Cyclist

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See all costs (3 found)



Exemplary plan

Sensibly lightweight


Weight: 239g | Rails: Cr-Mo

The Volt Race has been a staple in WTB's seat go for a long time. It isn't the slightest costly model we tried, yet at a retail cost of $60, it's an unbelievable esteem thinking about the level of solace and execution it conveys, and we've granted it our Best Buy Award. Not exclusively is the Volt Race a decent esteem, yet its likewise exceptionally agreeable, with a great plan that has stood the trial of time. A somewhat supported shape that ascents delicately toward the tail gives an agreeable and steady stage, with medium thickness cushioning and shallow anatomical notch and "Safe place" pattern in the shell to diminish weight in the middle. At 239g for the 135mm width we tried, the Volt Race is likewise lightweight thinking about the cost. Analyzers discovered this seat to offer outstanding adaptability, with applications extending from all controls of mountain biking to street riding.

The Volt Race is offered in three widths, 135mm (tried), 142mm, and 150mm, to oblige a scope of sit bone widths. We were extremely awed with the cost to solace and execution proportion the Volt Race brings to the table, and we think you'd be unable to locate a superior incentive in a trail blazing bicycle saddle.

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Top Pick for Comfort

WTB Koda Team

Top Pick Award


(25% off)

at Amazon

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See all costs (3 found)

Weight: 203g | Rails: Titanium


Exceptionally agreeable

Short length

Just accessible in more extensive widths

The WTB Koda Team was at first outlined in light of the female rider, however our analyzers observed this agreeable seat to be appropriate for male riders too. This seat awed us most with its amazing solace, and it brought home our Top Pick for Comfort Award. WTB has utilized their exemplary somewhat supported seat shape on the Koda Team, an outline that keeps the rider in the sweet spot and gives a little help as it rises tenderly towards the tail. An anatomical channel on the highest point of the seat and a "Safe place" pattern in the shell help to diminish weight on the more delicate regions. This seat has gentler cushioning than our other best performing seats, which could decrease accelerating effectiveness marginally, despite the fact that we were excessively open to, making it impossible to take note. The Koda Team likewise awed us with its weight, at 203g, it was the second lightest seat in our test choice.

On the off chance that we needed to discover blame with the Koda Team, it's that it is just accessible in medium to more extensive widths, 142mm (tried) and 150mm. Riders with restricted sit bones or who lean toward a smaller seat will presumably need to look somewhere else. For every other person, we think the Koda Team is the most agreeable seat out there and deserving of a look whether you are a male or female rider.

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Top Pick for Light Weight

Tioga Spyder Outland

Tioga Spyder Outland Top Pick Award


(20% off)

at Amazon

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Weight: 178g (without cushions), 202g(with cushions) | Rails: Hollow Chromoly

Extremely lightweight

Extraordinary outline

Suspended feel

Shockingly agreeable

Just accessible in tight width

The Tioga Spyder Outland is an eye catching and one of a kind looking trail blazing bicycle saddle. The plan of this seat is proposed to lessen weight while likewise dispersing the rider's weight over an adaptable snare of material that is suspended over a carbonite skeleton of sorts. The aftereffect of this creative plan is the lightest seat in our test, inside in at 202g with the included enemy of slip cushions, and a featherlight 178g when utilized without. While it would seem that it probably won't be everything that agreeable, the Spyder Outland's adaptable web situate cover amazed our analyzers with an agreeable and suspended feel, not the same as some other seat we tried. On the trail, this seat performed well, with a tight width and decreased tail that gave astounding opportunity of development.

The Spyder Outland is just offered in one width, and at 125mm it is the tightest seat we tried. This width won't work for everybody, except in the event that you have thin sit bones or favor a smaller seat, at that point this could be a decent alternative for you. The Tioga Spyder Outland may frighten a few people away with its unmistakable looks and irregular plan, however this seat conveys a stunningly lightweight and shockingly agreeable bundle accepting you need or need a smaller seat.

Read review:Tioga Spyder Outland

Examination and Test Results

Through the span of a while, our group of analyzers accelerated their hearts out while testing the different seats in our test determination. The abundance of trails in the more noteworthy Lake Tahoe zone, and also some time spent in the desert southwest, gave a various arrangement of trail composes and conditions to put these seats through hell. Whimsical mountain climate likewise gave a variety of climate conditions, from spring downpours to hot radiant days and everything in the middle.

Our rigging fixated analyzers completely utilized and manhandled each seat, putting a hundred+ miles on every one, regularly exchanging between them mid-ride for examination. Each part of each seat's execution was investigated to discover their qualities and shortcomings, and each model was evaluated on five foreordained measurements, comfort, execution, adaptability, strength, and weight. The scores from these evaluations were consolidated to decide our general victors and best performing trail blazing bicycle saddles. Read on to discover how these seats contrasted with one another, and to locate the best one to suit your requirements.
Long rides short rides the correct off-road bicycle seat can have a significant effect and the Specialized Phenom Comp is one of our top choices.

Long rides, short rides, the correct trail blazing bicycle seat can have a significant effect and the Specialized Phenom Comp is one of our top picks.


At OutdoorGearLab it is our objective to locate the best and most noteworthy performing items in some random test. We feel that it is a reward when those items are additionally a decent esteem. To enable you to contrast the general execution with value proportion of the trail blazing bicycle saddles in our test, we've made a convenient diagram for visual correlation. The blue spots speak to our honor winning seats and the further to the correct they are on the chart the better the execution, while the lower on the diagram they are, the more affordable they are. Basically float your cursor over the dabs to see the model and contrast them with one another. Pass on the best an incentive to execution proportion in our test is the WTB Volt Race, with our Editors' Choice Award champ, the Specialized Phenom Comp, not a long ways behind by falling around the middle cost with the most noteworthy execution score.


Your rump and underside will reach your seat for expanded timeframes, so guaranteeing that the one you pick is agreeable is absolutely critical. An assortment of components play into the solace of a trail blazing bicycle saddle, including width, length, cushioning, shape, and anatomical pattern (or deficiency in that department). Solace is emotional, obviously, yet we did our absolute best to figure out which saddles are the most agreeable and why. One critical factor in the general solace of any seat is the fit, so make sure to get the suitable width for your sit bones, truly.

At last, the most agreeable seat in our test was, as anyone might expect, our Top Pick for Comfort Award victor, the WTB Koda Team. The Koda Team was really intended for ladies, yet for reasons unknown, it's incredible for men also. Its short length, medium width, milder cushioning, somewhat supported shape, and anatomical sorrow made it an analyzer top pick, a seat that everybody needed to keep. Our next most loved seat for solace was our Editors' Choice Award champ, the Specialized Phenom Comp, which likewise had a shorter length, medium width, yet had a full-length anatomical pattern, stiffer cushioning, a decreased tail, and a rounder profile. The Phenom Comp inspired our analyzers with its out of the case comfort that was extraordinary for any kind or length of ride.

Solace is accomplished in various ways and is unquestionably abstract in nature. Here you can see the diverse plans shapes and widths of the WTB Koda Team (top) and the Tioga Spyder Outalnd (base)

Solace is accomplished in various ways and is unquestionably emotional in nature. Here you can see the distinctive outlines, shapes, and widths of the WTB Koda Team (top) and the Tioga Spyder Outalnd (base)

Amid testing, we likewise found that an agreeable seat doesn't need to be costly. Actually, our Best Buy Award champ, the WTB Volt Race, was an expert in the solace office and costs not as much as half as much as the greater part of its opposition. The Volt Race's marginally supported shape, medium width, and anatomical score ended up being very pleasant, particularly for broadened times of situated accelerating.

Top perspective of the Volt Race demonstrates the tear shape and the shallow anatomical furrow.

Top perspective of the Volt Race demonstrates the tear shape and the shallow anatomical furrow.


Most seats play out their obligations in a moderately comparable manner, yet in the execution metric, we rate them on a mix of components including their shape, cushioning, and general level of solace out on the trail. The more agreeable a seat is the better, however just as long as that solace doesn't upset your accelerating capacity and your opportunity to move about on the bicycle as required when climbing and dropping. Some seat shapes are intended to enable the rider to move forward and backward more unreservedly and avoid catch on loose shorts, and trust it or not, some perform superior to anything others out on the trail.

As anyone might expect, our Editors' Choice Award victor, the Specialized Phenom Comp was one of our best entertainers in this metric. Not exclusively was it amazingly agreeable, however its shorter length and decreased tail made it simple to move around on the bicycle to get your body in front or behind it while cornering or slipping steep segments of trail.

The less you see your seat the better we scarcely saw the Phenom Comp and that is something to be thankful for.

The less you see your seat the better, we scarcely saw the Phenom Comp and that is something to be thankful for.

Another of our best seats in the execution metric is the WTB Volt Race, a long-standing model in their seat extend. The Volt Race has an incredible great shape that is particularly agreeable when situated, with a medium length and width that takes into account a lot of opportunity of development. Outstanding amongst other things about WTB saddles is that they likewise age well, and apparently just get more agreeable after some time. The Volt Race is the sort of seat that you mount on your bicycle and never consider again, and that is about at least somewhat great.

Set it and overlook it the Volt race is an incredible seat at an extraordinary cost.

Set it and overlook it, the Volt race is an awesome seat at an incredible cost.

We were likewise enjoyably astonished by the execution of the Tioga Spyder Outland. This exceptional looking seat appears as though it could be some sort of torment gadget, however overpowering it conveyed out on the trail with its amazingly light weight, phenomenal solace (for individuals with smaller sit bones), and an awesome shape that never at odds with any of our analyzers shorts. It's anything but difficult to pass judgment on a book by its cover, yet the Spyder Outland was a lovely amazement.

Testing the Tioga Spyder Outland saddle.

Testing the Tioga Spyder Outland saddle.


Off-road bicycle saddles are for the most part made for one reason, and that is mountain biking. A few seats ended up being more adaptable than others, notwithstanding, and are significantly more than one trap horses. Certain models are better for enduro, transports, or downhilling, while others are extraordinary for totally everything. Analyzers wouldn't dither to mount a couple of the seats in our test determination on each bicycle in their armada, the street bicycle, rock bicycle, trail bicycle, carry fix. Those chosen few contenders scored considerably higher in this metric because of their general solace, and better all-around execution.
We may sound somewhat like a broken record here, however our Editors' Choice Award champ, the Specialized Phenom Comp took top respects again in this metric. There is apparently no cycling application where this seat wouldn't be an awesome fit. Our analyzers said they'd be upbeat to get a few of these and put one on every one of their bicycles. From 10 mile after work shreds in the lawn to 65 mile rebuffing rock granulates, this seat did everything and never left us needing.

The Ergon SME3 Comp ended up being a flexible entertainer. It didn't brush our caps off in different parts of its execution, yet analyzers concurred that it was a balanced seat that would be at home in basically all riding circumstances. It was sensibly agreeable for long days in the seat, with a decent shape that is appropriate to all mountain biking disciplines.

The more agreeable you are the more you can remain out and appreciate excellent days like this.

The more agreeable you are the more you can remain out and appreciate lovely days like this.

Different seats in our test choice like the Race Face Aeffect and the SDG Circuit Ti Alloy are likewise fine off-road bicycle saddles, yet they lost a little ground in this metric to the opposition for two or three reasons. The two models have moderate widths and decreased tails that takes into consideration enormous and simple opportunity of development, yet have compliment profiles and tend to put somewhat more weight on the underside than analyzers would have preferred. We felt these seats would be appropriate to riders who don't invest loads of energy situated while accelerating or crushing ascensions however potentially ride chairlifts, transport, or who simply happen to like a stiffer or less formed seat.

The distinctions in width and length are obvious between these two seats.

The distinctions in width and length are obvious between these two seats.


The toughness of trail blazing bicycle saddles differs somewhat between models. All in all, most models offer a comparative level of toughness accepting you never crash. Since accidents can and do occur, numerous producers of trail blazing bicycle saddles have endeavored to invalidate the effects of said crashes by fusing scraped spot safe materials in key spots. The most widely recognized spots for your bicycle seat to affect the ground in case of an accident is on either side of the tail, and the most elevated scoring saddles in our sturdiness metric have scraped area safe materials sewn in to shield them from potential harm. Another component of toughness is sewing, as uncovered join are inclined to wear after some time, even from the erosion of your shorts while accelerating.

One of our most astounding evaluated saddles for toughness is the Tioga Spyder Outland. This one of a kind seat is built from a carbonite skeleton that is canvassed in a gentler webbed material. This seat has no seat cover to tear and appears to be less inclined to harm in case of an accident.

The Spyder Outland performed incredible on the trail it was OK with a shape that was anything but difficult to move around.

The Spyder Outland performed incredible on the trail, it was OK with a shape that was anything but difficult to move around.

Both of the WTB saddles in our test choice, the Volt Race and the Koda Team, have the equivalent microfiber situate material with a defensive layer of scraped area safe material sewed on the external parts of the tail on the two sides. This material has taken a lot of hits, and one of our analyzers has a two season old Volt Race that has seen a lot of hard crashes and has held up astonishingly well.

The scraped spot safe material on the tail of the Volt Race.

The scraped spot safe material on the tail of the Volt Race.

The SDG Circuit Ti-Alloy likewise scored well for sturdiness because of its microfiber top and kevlar strengthened sides that wrap from the tail of the seat nearly to the nose on the two sides.

The Spyder Outland far surpassed our desires.

The Spyder Outland far surpassed our desires.


The heaviness of a seat is the slightest abstract of the considerable number of measurements we evaluated for trail blazing bicycle saddles. In cycling, everything is liable to weight examination, and seats are no exemption; all in all, lighter is viewed as better. A trail blazing bicycle is the entirety of its parts, and sparing a couple of grams anyplace you can hold that general weight down. A seat is a simple, and frequently a more affordable place to make that weight reserve funds. To quantify this, we essentially gauged each seat on our trusty advanced scale to decide the thing's weight. If it's not too much trouble remember that these weights speak to just the model tried. The majority of the seats we tried arrive in a scope of developments and comparing value focuses that may influence their weight. For instance, the Specialized Phenom Comp likewise arrives in an Expert and Pro form, the two of which weigh altogether less and cost fundamentally more. Make certain to check "Alternate Versions" toward the finish of each seat's individual audit to discover more about the different alternatives.

At last, our Top Pick for Comfort Award victor, the WTB Koda Comp, and our Top Pick for Light Weight Award champ, the Tioga Spyder Outland, essentially tied for best respects in the Weight metric at 203g and 202g separately. The Tioga Spyder Outland pushes out the WTB Koda Comp, in any case, since it tends to be utilized no frills without the expansion of the Anti-Slip cushioning at an incredibly low weight of 178g.

Interestingly, our Best Buy Award victor, the SDG Bel Air Steel is the heaviest seat in our test choice at 330g. For this situation, the seat that costs not as much as half of the opposition weighs twofold that of our lightest model.

The heaviest seat in our test at 330g.

The heaviest seat in our test, at 330g.


From a solace outlook, a trail blazing bicycle saddle is a standout amongst the most critical bits of hardware on your bicycle and can drastically enhance your ordinary riding background. Getting one that fits you right, performs well and meets your financial plan is critical. Our group of off-road bicycle analyzers invest bunches of energy on the trail riding with these seats, and we trust our nitty gritty audits and similar examination will help you in your journey to locate the best off-road bicycle saddle for you.

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